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What are social media marketing strategy? (7step easy guide)

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What are social media marketing? This is a question which pops up in the mind of many people, but only a few have a clarity in this. And when it comes to its strategy, most of them used to do hit and trial rather than doing a complete one.

At present, there is hardly anyone who is not connected with any kind of social media platform. For such a huge engagement digital marketers found it a very niche oriented marketing opportunity space in different dimensions.  But there is a lot to take care, before implementing this.

Here we are going to discuss step-by-step process to make a super hit social media marketing strategy for your business.

Social media marketing is an effective way to brand, promote, generating awareness of a product or services among the mass by the help of social media platforms and finally to converting them in the basis of some filtering process.

It’s the most popular way to market one’s business as a one-step solution for business development, brand awareness, new product listing, and engaging potential customers, communicating with them and after sales services.

What are social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

For every successful event, there is a lot of due-diligence, planning, framework involved. Marketing Strategy is an integral part of connecting these threads with beads, which are our objectives.

In simple terms, Strategy is a step-by-step process of implementation of some ideas based upon some decision-making for generating the maximum result based upon our objectives.

Social media marketing strategy helps us to understand a clear picture about our targeted customer’s – need, expectations, interest, concerns and based upon them stepping out the next stage.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy :

Choose a Social Media Goal:

Determining a clear Goal is the first most important thing. Without a clear goal, you can do nothing. And when it comes out with such a huge no of audience, it’s became more important otherwise it will cost you more than it actually works.

The goal may be based upon different objectives. Here we are going to discuss some of them. You can choose accordingly which is most needed for you as of now.

Brand awareness –

Brand Awareness

Generating more brand awareness and let people know about your existence in the domain you are working, the products or services offered by you and much more.

Greater brand audience –

Bringing more follower to your social media handles to keep them in touch with your business and upcoming services can be a very fruitful objective.

Lead generation -

Generating more leads for your business and then storing the information for the next use helps to grow your business another level.

Sales conversion –

sale increase

Selling the products or services to the targeted audience in a proper manner through social handles.

More traffic to website –

From social media handles, landing the audience into the official business website to gather information and showcase more products or services.

Targeting the audience:

After a clear understanding of the goal now it’s the time to target the audience for the products or services according to the goal.

You have to do a proper analysis related to the audience’s actual need, their expectation from the products, their interest, their concern, their segment, their income, their expense appetite, their willingness to purchase, their age and many other factors.

 A clear understanding of them helps you to filter out the most important ones for you and targeting them accordingly.

Locating the audience:

After understanding about the proper analytics about the customer, It’s important to find out in which social media platform I can target them effectively.

Every social media has their own targeted audience and their habits in those platform differs a lot. So one have to be a little choosy about what they are targeting and where they can found them.

For example, LinkedIn is a place for professionals. If one targets college students for a course, then it’s the best place. If one wants to promote their dresses or beauty products, them Instagram or Facebook are good for them.

Figuring out proper metrics for measurements:

Without measuring the output and doing random stuffs will cost you hard, but will result you nothing. That’s why it’s important to figure out proper matrices for measuring the output in the strategy itself to have a track from beginning.

Like for Facebook CPC(cost per click) is really great, for Instagram number of stories viewed is the good one, for Linkedin generating more traffics through clicks is useful.

Do competitive analysis:

A proper marketer always keep an eye and do in detail analysis of not only about the competitors products or services but also how they market their products, generating more awareness and audience engagement.

Hear it out and understand how you can do better than them by dong some new or doing the same in a more creative and effective way.

Campaigning the objectives:

After doing the above-mentioned points and the due-diligence, now it’s time to run objective specific campaigns in the social media handles based upon the customer segmentation done previously.

Try to make some changes after some times to check whether this changes affect the campaigns in a positive or negative ways. Audit the results and understand the result analytics to get a  clear picture related to what is working and what not.

Trend is your friend:

There is nothing cam be more good than changing yourself and do the necessary stuffs to go with the trend.

Let it be meme marketing, poster marketing. Video marketing or place yourself in some more specific keywords and hashtags.

This will help you to maximize the brand awareness and to get more followers in the social handles, which will directly affect your business positively.

These are the most 7 effective strategies to grow your business into a next level with the help of social media marketing. More over it’s always better to be a marketer creative, follow the trends, work accordingly and doing the proper works in the proper time with a proper understanding of analytics.