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How to write website content for SEO? Top 20 secret tips

how to write website content for seo

In a study, it was found that most of the marketers considers contents as the most popular and effective way to market, but very few of them have got their desired results, and this goes to a question of How to write website content?

The study result states that there are a lot of website contents present over Internet, but only few are the effective ones. Which means writing website content is not an easy task.

But you can achieve it by knowing some basic technical things behind writing a  website content. Here we are going to share some secret tips to write Website content for SEO.

Headline plays a very crucial role to convert the viewers to readers of the content.

It’s important to have a short brief headline containing some technical appealing words which helps the viewers to feel that this blog will help them by which they are looking for.

Introduction of website content:

content Writing

A proper introduction conveying a strong message to the viewers about the usefulness of the content for their search will make them to go through till the end of the article.

One can use some hooks, interesting statistics or stating some facts and then elaborating them on the next sections to make the content more appealing.

Understand the Audience:

No matter how much a person knows or can write perfectly, it’s became useless unless and until he understands the correct audience for his writing.

First, they have to consider for whom he is going to write? How much knowledge they have about this? And for which category he is going to write? Like beginner, intermediate or expert level.

Segmenting the audience for a content and then writing for those only, helps to have a proper structured content in a flow.

Searching right Keywords for website content:

right keyword for website content

It’s a very technical thing but using this in a proper channel can give  you amazing results.

Keywords are some words or phrases, used by Search Engines to understand the search queries and to deliver results among the contents present across web.

So, it’s the Keywords which helps the website contents to appear in the result. Using the right keywords helps search engine to understand the relevancy and aspects covering in the article and by this it will rank it.

That’s why searching to write keywords and then position them in the contents is important for better SEO Optimization.

Narrow down focus for better SEO:

Sometimes it’s better to target particular than everything. Most of the time, marketers used to write contents covering all the aspects in to a category.

But it’s not a smart approach for doing so. One can also target a particular segment of the whole and can win the game.

Suppose one writes a blog related to mobiles under the budget of 10k. But this content are appearing very low in the SERP as well as have very low visitors.

But if one write mobiles for gaming under the budget of 10k, then by just targeting a particular increases visiting volume also the rank of the contents.

Put all website contents under same roof:

Putting all contents under a particular domain name will help one to showcase and generate traffic for the other ones.

One can also link the articles or other contents to each other, while writing them, and can refer as a know more option for a particular thing.

Structuring website contents for SEO:

One of the cause for not getting enough traffic in  a content is writing in an unorganized format.

 By writing a content in small paragraphs, using the headlines and sub-headings in a hierarchical manner covering the particulars and then elaborating them is an efficient way to write a website content for SEO.

Focus Keyword – as a focus of Website Content:

Earlier, you have already gathered knowledge related to keyword. Focus keyword is the main keywords which revolves across the whole content, and also it appears with a decent no of times in the content.

It’s always better to use a unique keyword containing the main aspects of the content. Placing it in the relevant spaces is the most tricky thing, but mastering in this will definitely boost the SEO optimization.

Make it attractive:

In the digital era, when the attention span of everyone is too low, it’s always a challenge to hold them for a couple of minutes in the contents.

For this you may use images, short video clips, infographics and much more. The main point is that create the visual impact besides the writing, else it may seem to be boring, and they may not go through the complete blog or article.

Start building links for website content writing:

Link building became an essential aspect for SEO ranking. It mainly deals with making more links to your contents and website, for this increase the landing numbers.

Linking own contents or websites to another posts helps to create a closed network of different contents of similar category. Many times’s people also list up all the most ranked contents of a particular topic and publish as their content for the same as useful resources.

Long Website Content adds more value:

It’s always better to write a long website contents, specially in case of blogs. Search engine finds long blogs as more useful and thinks about that it may be able to clear the more queries of viewer than the short one.

That’s why search engines prefer long blogs as a more value additional tool than the short ones. So, try to write long enough blogs or contents in depth to get more output.

Go for technical SEO:

Keyword research and applying them can fetch you a good result, but it will not work if there is already plenty of blogs on that same keywords. For this technical, SEO is a savior!

Basic technical aspects of SEO like how search engines crawls pages, how they rank it up, how they hand out lining the authority and indexing the page can help you much better than anything else.

Understanding of this thing and writing a well-structured blog will be more efficient and will help you to learn more about optimizing the contents apart from keywords.

Analyze analytics of web contents:

analyze analytics

Analytics helps you to understand better what’s working and what’s not, and thus you get a better hang out related to the scope of improvement and things to implement in website content.

How to write website content for SEO? - Google Authorship is here!

Google Authorship is an efficient way to tie contents with a particular author. For this, you need to have a Google+ account.

It showcases the author’s photo along with the content title with some rich extract of a piece. This is one kind of personal promotion through Google, resulting increase in clicks .

Maximize user’s engagement:

User’s engagement is very crucial as it helps search engine to understand that user’s are engaging with this post, which means there is something valuable.

For maximizing user’s engagement make the blogs easy to understand, use stats, images, infographics, relevant links covering more detail of a particular, comment section and do all the necessary stuffs which can  help users to absorb more content.

Mobile responsive sites works better for website content:

Now, Google uses mobile first search and indexing for ranking its search results. For this the sites without mobile responsiveness have  a comparatively low rankings in SERP.

So, it’s better to make your site mobile responsive and for other devices as well and writing contents, positing images, infographics accordingly is also needed.

Permalink words for SEO content:

There are some of the words which search engine don’t understand. Putting them on the permalink, which helps search engines to get the results, is unnecessary and may affect in negative direction too.

Some of the words not to use are: a, an, the , at, besides, on, before, after etc. It mostly the prepositions and articles.

Image name in Website content:

This is a mistake done by most, by not knowing the actual reason. Search engine doesn’t recognize the images, rather they read it with the name mentioned by the uploader.

So, while using Images for Website Content, use a proper image name describing the image or relating to the content.

Use a meta title:

Meta title is the title which helps search engine to understand what the content is all about, and it is different from post title which is related to the users to understand about the topic.

Making this two title different, helps you from considering the post title as meta title by default. It’s important to have the keywords in the meta title too.

Meta description in a website content:

Mostly every SEO plugins provide you an option of meta description which appear in the SERP just below of article title providing a brief about of content.

That’s why, it’s important to have a meta description consisting the used keywords and  proper brief about the whole blog.

So, these are the top 20 secret tips of how to write website contents for SEO and important aspects to take care off for maximum output.

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