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Get more traffic on website

How to get more traffic on website? Top 20 secret tips 2021

Now a days  most of the people are facing a serious problem regarding How to get more traffic on website? They have a thought in their mind that there are a lot of websites in similar aspects and how to get more traffic than the existing ones.

Well, this is a generous problem, but as every problem has a solution. This has too. Here we are going to discuss some awesome tips to get more traffic to website.

Research for Keywords:

Keywords play a very crucial role for ranking a page and to get more traffic in website. A search engine usually breaks the search query in small parts, which we call Keywords.

 Basically, these are the most searched words or phrases related to the topic.

It helps Google to understand getting the results. So using the proper keywords in contents is very important for search engine to let know that this content is relevant and show them in that result.

Backlinks to get more traffic to website:

Using Backlinks is one of the most effective ways to increase web traffic.

Backlinks are basically links to other post or links in someone’s other posts, in reference to something, b clicking that will be redirected to your site. Use the proper backlinks with relevant content with proper positioning will help you a lot.


Contents play a very important role in this place. An engaging content based with proper keywords, update and decent view time helps search engine to understand that this site is genuine and can help many others.

Thus, by recommending at the top of search, generate more traffic to  your website.

Social media:

Get more traffic in Social media

Best traffic generating tool : Social media is one of the most effective tool in this purpose. Having a proper engagement with users or targeted audience and showing relevant content, can help you to generate more traffic with adding website links or whatever relevant to that.


To get more traffic: Influencers always likes to collaborate and help others having same outlooks. So try to write contents of same page and one can tag them out or can use as a backlink.

It can be amazing if someone can put some more efforts by sponsoring their events among the mass, to raise the brand awareness as well as to increase more traffic.



Providing a genuine newsletter by subscribing the users from your site is a great way to get more web traffic.

One can also add a quick trick by sending the link for your newsletter in the email with some short description, and to know more one is redirected to your websites. 

Thus, it can be amazing for more traffic as well as to use users information for some future purpose.


As a way to increase more traffic: There are no ways that can beat a smart brain. One can provide the updates and changes in the Industry they are working or some others as well which they have a proper know how.

By providing it in regular basis helps one to get in touch with the needed content which will directly help to boost your traffic.

Ask others to write on your website:

Guest blogging is an effective way for the question of how to get more traffic on the website. Inviting others to write upon something new or to add some more comments, viewpoints which you have already published as a content is amazing.

By this one can exchange the visitors of sites of others  and help both to get more traffics.

Share to increase traffic:

Share your contents, your views, upcoming products or services or anything you may think useful to others, share this in every possible corner of internet.

This will increase the space of reach of yours and by this will improve traffic on checks. But one thing to consider, sharing the irrelevant contents can affect you in a negative direction.

Website speed – get more traffic:

In today’s era, people’s attention span is very less, and it’s decreasing day by day. In this case, it’s important to deliver fast for what they are asking, otherwise they will land to others.

So increasing the website speed and consuming less for rendering the information will definitely help you in this case.

SEO- is your real game changer:

A website which is well Search Engine Optimized(SEO) really helps to get more traffic. For this one have to use the long tail keywords which basically targets upon only some segments of a wide spread of search against a keyword.

Using proper structured contents, fast website speeds, adding more backlinks and many more!

This indirectly tells the search engine to put you in first, as this is more useful for users.

Showcase as a community:

People always like to engage in a community and a one-stop solution for their doubts and problems . It also helps one to share their thoughts and views for a particular thing.

Thus, showcasing your site as a community or building a section for that really helps to boost traffic.

Solve queries:

Represent yourself as a solver for their queries and a real friend for their difficult times. By doing so, people will ask doubts and will search for a lot, whether it’s addressed by you or not.

Check analytics and increase traffic:

Check google Analytics

Often we can see that, people do a lot of stuffs and engage them in those that they forgot to examine the analytics of the site.

It’s very important to check the analytics, from where the maximum traffics are generating, at what time and try to find why did it happen? Is there any other trick used? 

By addressing this, one can implement new things, check what’s not working.

Competitive analysis:

Competitive analysis can be a real game changer if anyone can do this in a proper  way. It’s always better to have an eye upon the competitors and what’s their traffic results.

 By analyzing those one can get a handsome idea related to where they have to work more and what they can do to get an edge over competitors.

How increase traffic on website- Go with the trend!:

Trend is your friend. By analyzing the trends and putting yourself in that form as a content can really increase your search volume for a particular period of time.

Sometimes people always want to know about why that thing is trending, answering that too can be really impactful.

Webinars and Conferences:

Hosting webinars related to the works you do, industry know how, upcoming changes and attending conferences, sharing viewpoints will help you to get more traffic and brand awareness.

Advertisements to increase more traffic:

Advertising yourself in social media, search results and paid search will definitely increase traffic. But for this you have to spend money.

One can go with pay per click (PPC) and can target specific audience with campaigns to maximize the result.

Update contents:

It’s always important to updates the contents posted earlier, and add the new things happening.

By doing this, website on-page SEO can also be improved.

Other trick to increase traffic:

Having an out-of-the-box thinking and having a look of what’s happening, what can effect in a positive way, doing email marketing and using other marketing techniques will help to get more traffic.

Hope, by the end of this you gather a proper know what to do to increase the web traffic and by implementing this will definitely give you positive result.

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