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How create a website for free in google? Best trick in 2021

In the time of digital era website is a very essential tool to make your online presence, and if anyone knows how create a website for free then anything can’t be greater than that.

In this blog, you will get to know how create a website for free? Which will rank in Google, and how to  make websites for different purposes like blogging, e-commerce, business build up with the modern technologies like WordPress.

In today’s world, everyone is connected through internet. And if anyone wishes to do any kind of job let it be publishing his contents, developing business or making online presence websites become the first interaction space between you and the users.

So, to build an attractive website which will rank in Google or any other search engine in the most effective way is a necessary thing.

How create a website for Free

In the earlier times, creating an online website was a difficult task as it can be done with profound knowledge in this thing. He used to write codes for the websites and then host it in various hosting platforms.

But in recent days to make this thing easier there are a lot of website builders over internet who explicitly helps users to build a website by just drag and drop, and writing the contents and then publish to their domain.

So, to basically start a website for free, all you need to choose a website builder. There are lot and one can associate with any of them. Some of them are –  WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, Joomla, Web node, Site123, Webflow, Shopify, Magento, Pestashop etc.

After choosing a website builder, you can choose any of the themes among all the available ones according to their choice, and then can customize it, add the necessary contents and information. If you want to customize more, and you have knowledge related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then one can do it by their own by writing the codes.

After doing all these, you can easily host the sites by the website builder by a click. But in the website name their domain name will be mentioned but if you want to remove that too, then you have to consider their premium package.

Now you know the basic procedure of creating a website online. Now it’s time to know some website builders and their features for some online websites’ category.

Create a website with WordPress:

wordpress website

If you are a blogger or associated with any kind of domain which is mostly with contents, then WordPress will be best for you. Basically, you can create and host any kind of websites with it, but most of the usage of it is for content publishing.

If you are not concerned with the domain name and wish to publish personal blogs, then you can sign in to It’s quite easy to set up and free(if domain name not customized). But you can face issues to monetize the blogs with WordPress. is also a free website builder and pioneer to the field of content publishing. But here one have to make most of the sites by themselves.

By hosting its software one can get access to a one-stop solution for site customization, features update, content publishing and editing, reviewing and many others.

It is suggested to go with a moderate rate plan to have a long term benefit and sustainability with WordPress and to avail most of the benefits.

Create a website for e-commerce:

create a website ecommerce

E-commerce websites are the one of the most popular category of websites to sell and showcase products. Shopify, Bluehost, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Big cartel are some mentionable place to build e-commerce websites for free.

However, you to add more features, customize, use more advance themes and to add payment gateways you need to pay. You can choose monthly or annually or some other plans to host your sites from these platforms based upon your use and functionality.

Create a website for Blogging:

For the general purpose as well as to make an online presence and to share contents or blogs, hosting a blogging website is the real king. There are many platforms which helps you to create your own domain name just like opening an account in Gmail or Facebook.

After that they provide you a proper workspace to add texts, images, videos, GIFs and kind of media, customize the text and many more. These platforms are really very easy to use and one  can access all the comments, edit features, review option, update in a dashboard.

Some mentionable sites for this, Weebly, Blogspot from Google, Wix, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn, HubPages, Beam etc.

Create a website for Business

create a website for business

For any kind of business, if you want to build a website, then there are plenty of options as well. Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, Carrd, Wix, SquareOnline, Magento were the pioneers in this group. They give you a well featured customized easy to use themes and one can work with this.

However, to add more features, payment gateways and online transactions one have to pay their subscription fees according to their choice or usage.

Some Key aspects to consider: There are many other key aspects one should consider building a website, otherwise it will not work.


An attractive template with a great UI and user experience is an considering factor.

Add designs:

Using the themes from website builder is good, but some of them can require more rendering time. That’s why creating a proper layout and adding some appropriate designs is necessary.

Consider Google:

Most of us search Google as a search engine, so it’s important to consider SEO-friendly web-builder, themes and hosting platforms with keyword density tools and automated sitemaps.

Bandwidth and storage:

It’s important to have a proper bandwidth to smoothly run a website.

Storage space is also important, otherwise it can be a hindrance to do better works.

Other factors:

Integrated social media handles option, responsive sites, SEO tools with meta tags, proper analytics, user guidebooks and easy to use dashboard will help you to operate website fullest.

So, this is how you can create online website and know the important aspects to take care off for best results.

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