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10 useful google search tricks that helps get better results

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There is hardly any day when we don’t search for any content in the Google search bar, but rarely we get to know our desired result. It’s because we are unaware about the Google search tricks which can really improve our searching experience with Google.

Whenever we have a question related to anything, or we are eager to know much more details to any aspects, we search in Google, and it delivers the results from the billions of contents present there. There are many useful Google search tricks which helps you to filter out and get to deliver the most desired result in the most efficient manner which we are looking for.

Here are some google hidden tricks described which are unknown to most of the users.

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Google search tricks

It’s very useful tricks to search for a specific phrase among all the contents present in Google in exactly same manner.

 When you search for a result in the quotation it helps Google to understand that the user wants to get results regarding this phrase in this order or may be a little shuffled up.

Let’s say we want to search for History of Kolkata, then we will write “History of Kolkata” and then this will deliver us the results from all the contents where this phrase is present.

Plus or Hyphen google search tricks:

Suppose you search for a thing, but you only want the results containing some other specific words, or you don’t want to get a result which contains some other specific words.

To filter out the results in this manner, you can use ‘+’ for considering some specific keywords and ‘-‘ for not considering the words.

Let’s say you want to know the results regarding our famous actor Amir Khan’s charity then you can search for Amir Khan + charity, this will show you the results only containing the news of his charity.

If you want to know life of Amir Khan without the aspects of acting then you can search for life of Amir khan -acting, this will show you Life of Amir Khan, without the elements of acting.

Colon for result in a specific site:

There are many situations when you want the results from a particular site but only related to a specific thing.

Well for doing this you can use colon tricks in Google Search.

Let’s consider that you want the Realme 6 review in Flipkart. Then you have to search that Realme 6 review site: to get the results from that website only, and Google search engine will not show the results from any other websites.

Asterisk for ease of life:

Suppose you were passing by a tea shop, and you heard a beautiful song of old arena, and you really enjoyed it lyrics. But after returning to home, you just remember only few words. Then how to get to enjoy the lyrics again?

Google also have a hidden trick to help you out in this case. For this you have to just write the words which you can remember and for the forgotten ones just use Asterisk and Google will automatically understand what you are looking for and will deliver the result.

Let’s say you only remember the word of a song  “jab life ho out of” for this you just have to write jab life ho out of * in the Google Search bar, and then you can enjoy “Aal Izz Well” song from 3 idiots.

Link trick:

In this trick you can get all the specific results from Google Search which contains the specific link mentioned or the sites where the contents of that site is cited.

For example, you want to get the results of the sites where The Hindu newspaper’s articles are there. So you need to search link: for this.

This is very useful tips where you want to find contents from one site mentioned or cited in another ones.

Related for similar results:

There are many times when you want to know similar sites or results regarding any aspect, for this you can use related word to get the specific results.

Suppose, you want to get similar sites of to buy and compare cars, for this you need to search related: in the Google search bar to get the similar sites of

Use or to get more:

Suppose you want to get the details of a particular thing, but it doesn’t show your desired results and for this you need to add some of the search related details to get the most desired result efficiently.

For this, one can use or in between the two search details to broaden the search category and to add more words for search, like Delhi or Delhi NCR will give all the searches regarding only this two aspects.

Search in a range of numbers:

let’s say you want to search details regarding the India test matches from 2016 to 2019 for this you can search India test match 2016…2019, this will give you all the match details in this year’s of India. ‘’ means that left of it is the starting point of the range, and right of it is the ending point of the range.

Searching for a file type:

How many times we often search for only PPTs, docs or PDFs to get our work done. But we used to search for hundreds of websites for this. Well Google has a hidden trick  for this problem as a solution.

We can only search for the file type for which we are looking for in the search bar like human anatomy file type:pdf, this will give us all the PDFs present over Internet in this topic.

If we mention ppt instead of PDF then this will provide us the PPTs.

This is an amazing trick for the college student and professional ones to get their desired result in just a matter of second.

Google Images and Google Lens are Super Heroes:

Last but not the least, in fact, these two are the real superheroes if anyone knows the hacks of How to use Google Search effectively and efficiently.

Suppose you have an image, and you don’t know what it is, you can upload this image as a search in Google Lens or scan through Google Lens to get to know what it is.

Google Lens can also help us to solve any math problem, language translator by just scanning the image.

Google Images also help you find other photo types, their description, different image sizes according to your need by their search tab.

 Now you know the 10 most useful google search tricks that help you to get better results. It’s a must-know tips and tricks to get your desired results effectively and in the most efficient manner from the billions of pages and contents.

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