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25 best tips How to do email marketing strategy in 2021?

This is a question rises in the most of the people because of only one reason, its effectiveness!

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential customers and to offer services. In the recent days with different marketing tools and techniques, many of us have forgotten the glory  of Email Marketing.

But in recent days a survey shows 7 out of 10 people have availed a discount coupon or loyalty benefit with the help of email marketing and the average email marketing ROI is 30X.

For this amazing reason, it’s necessary to have Email marketing strategy as a toolbox of every marketer.

So, here we are going to discuss some amazing strategy for email marketing to take your business to the next level.

Know the audience of Email marketing:

Every product or services have  a different categorized customers. First, one need to consider full information about them.

 Whom he’s going to target? What are their purchasing power? In which demographic they belong to? How the product or service will help them ?these are the questions one need to address for checking out the audience.

Create a checkbox of necessary things:

Email once send can’t be unsent!.

That’s why it’s important to make all the necessary things as a checkbox and then send the emails containing those aspects.

You must consider a proper subject line of your email, brief introduction with 3-4 jargon to make a professional look, contact details, location, important dates, highlighted points and a “Thank You” note for gratification.

Personalizing works best as an Email marketing Strategy:

Delivering things in a personal manner, is always liked by everyone. It seems that they already know a lot of details about you, and thus they are offering the product or services not as a selling purpose, but as a helping purpose.

So, it’s important to write the emails in a personalized formats based on the data you have to have a great conversion rate.

Holiday is not same as another day! :

Some people don’t want to get spammed with a bunch of emails offering the services. So, it’s better to filter down those only who would like to get notified in those days as an exclusive deals for them.

One can use the personalized strategy here to make them feel that this deal is only for them in this holiday in a limited period of time.

Timing for Email Marketing:

Every success comes with great timing. In email marketing, too, this works.

But there is no strict rule f sending emails. It’s basically a common sense, geographic aspect of audience, and a hit and trial result.

Do some hit and trail and check when it works and when not. Also, make sure that you are sending the emails in their available time. Let’s say the chance of opening an email at the start of duty hours is much more than the middle of the day, same after the lunchtime too.

Landing page for B2B Email marketing:

Writing a well-structured personalized email is time-consuming but besides that one need to make sure that he gives the proper link of the product or services offered or mentioned in that email.

Most of the time they end up sharing the link for others or the home pages rather than the original one. So, one need to be attentive in this aspect.

Quality over quantity:

Most of the time as emails for products or services is ignored, that’s why people end up sharing the emails quite frequently. This is not a good practice, it can also give adverse effect to business.

Mailing from one organization over same topic, may be the cause of unsubscribing the emails. So, it’s better to write quality emails over a huge quantity.

Send follow-up emails as an email marketing strategy:

email marketing

Whenever you are communicating with the customer regarding a particular product or service, it’s better to reply them with follow-up emails than sending the another one.

It helps to have a track for the customer of the emails than marking out a different email as reply.

Loyalty bonus as an email marketing example:

Loyal customers are the key factors to bring the business to a next level.

It’s important to communicate with them and to give special attention by introducing some rewards, bonus, incentives, limited period offers exclusively.

Ask for opinion:

Email marketing strategy: People like to be heard off than to listen. So, to know more about the customers as well as their opinion for a particular product or service, ask them in a survey for this.

This will give you additional information about them and need of the products or services by you and necessary changes.

Measurable metric for email marketing:

Which is not measured can’t be improved. That’s why one need to consider a proper useful metric to trace out how much a particular thing is working, what’s not and various other factors like frequency of emails for conversion, email vs landing page counts etc.

Experiment a lot for b2b email marketing:

With the dynamic market, change is the only constant thing. Thus, experimenting a lot of things time to time can only give you the perfect update of what’s working, what’s not.

So, don’t hesitate to try more things. But one thing to take care off, change only one parameter for an experiment and then fit it to the metric to get the results. Otherwise, it may not sound the actual result for the parameter.

CTAs for email marketing example:

Never forget to mention some of the CTA’s like buy now, order now, limited order, exclusively for today, subscribe now, call us etc. to subconsciously give an impression of action for the product offered.

A/B test works well:

People act differently with respect to time and elements of change than the marketers thinks. So, to analyze and consider what working best A/B test works really well by changing one element of email, and sending the same to the customers.

Changing templates, infographics, images, adding animation or GIFs, CTAs, texting nature, timing of emails are some parameters to take care off for this test.

Perform 50-50 sample as email marketing strategy:

To address how to do email marketing this technique is very useful as it gives more insights by dividing the total no of email recipients into 50-50 i.e. two groups and then perform a test changing one or multiple parameter.

Incentivize for registering:

People would not like to do anything if they are not eager to do so. Incentivizing them is a better option to do certain tasks like subscribing newsletter, offer letter or signing up into the websites.

By doing so, you can gather information about them and may offer incentives other than cash like bonus points, coupons, referral tips  etc. to make them connected for future.

Expectation check for b2b email marketing:

A potential customer can only tell you what is needed by them. So always check whether the expectation of your matches with them and what you can offer more to them.

This is how it will be easier to get a directional expectation along with directional goals.

Social media for more subscribers:

Newsletter Email

Social media is very useful to get or subscribers for your email marketing, which directly implies more potential customers and exposure to them.

One can offer newsletters, notification for upcoming products or services, loyalty bonus and various other things to get more subscribers from social media.

Make the emails for mobile devices too:

Nearly 50% of the users read email in their mobiles and most of the time it appears in the notification bar.

People used to swipe it up, for such a minimal attention span one need to add catchy lines to grab attention.

So, consider emails for mobile devices as well in your marketing campaign.

Analyze competitors for more email marketing examples:

It’s the competitors who will also try to incorporate new things with you.

Analyzing them will give you more opportunity to improve and to get new ideas as well.

Unsubscribing is not bad:

Make the unsubscribe button visible to them. Otherwise, who are not interested in this, will unnecessary adds more counts in the statistics.

Their emails may also appear in spam box, which may end up that the sender is a spammer and also affect the other recipients as well.

Email verification as an email marketing strategy:

It’s a very crucial step to get the verified and active emails rather than collecting the inactive ones.

Before signing or opening account or subscribing newsletter, ask for a verification by sending an email.

Get email marketing services for b2b email marketing:

Get a professional email marketing vendor for the email marketing services. You can also send up emails at bulk, but it may consider as spam by the email categorization.

To avoid this, one may consider this services for better results, and sometimes it became very essential for B2B (Business to Business).

Add social media handles in emails as a marketing strategy:

It’s always better to add the potential customers in every dimension and to connect with them every possible way.

This will increase the brand awareness, competitive edge as well as more chances of subscription. So add social media handles link in the emails to make it easy to connect.

These are the top 25 strategies for email marketing and necessary tips to consider for better results in every direction.

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