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10 best ways to improve your organic Facebook page reach?

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Nowadays, Facebook is the most popular social media platform where most people are engaged. You can use Facebook page as your business name and as an visiting landmark for your services. But one thing to consider that, the page name is not same with any other existing page name.

 When you work on your page, do regular activities on the page to make the regular engagements, description about services  or post whatever relevant you find, You can see this on the Insight tab of your page.

What activities are happening on the page? Views, page reviews, likes, post reach, story reach etc. so that you can get all the overviews from there and all the analytics which will help you to get better understanding regarding how to increase Facebook page reach.

Facebook page need to be beautifully arranged so that people want to be on your profile, it’s called Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Here we discuss some effective ways which will help you to improve in organic way to improve Facebook page reach.

OnBline Facebook Page

The Facebook platform recommends that you should add your company’s brand or website logo to your profile picture.

 The size of the logo is 180 PX * 180 PX. You can design a graphic image on your cover picture and post an image or video related to your business to give an impression of what you really do.It’s an amazing trick to increase reach.

 The size of the image is 820 pixels wide by * 312 pixels tall and the time limit of the video must be between 20sec to 90sec. You should change your cover page at least once a month while you are active on your Facebook business page. When it comes to a big festival, you can update your cover page accordingly. So that it can match with that time aspect and also conveying your message towards the followers.

2. Add a Facebook page Description:

You should add a brief description of your business and the products  or services which you deliver. Because if someone comes to your page, they will get to know everything about your company and what you really delivers to the customers.

 In the cover image you can also provide your business related description and can feature some products or services, it will act like a kind of overview.

3. Add a link to your website to increase Facebook page reach:

You need to add a link to your website so that if someone comes to your page to know about your business, he can try to interact with you by entering your website, and he can also buy if he likes any of the products  or services offered by you.

Adding official website link of your business in the Facebook page, a super trick which really helps you to generate more organic traffic in your website.

4. Select the right business Category:

You can choose the page name and category in your business category that is related to your business. It’s the most important aspect, as it works to filter out among all the Facebook pages present according to the searcher’s interest.

5. Create a custom vanity URL in Facebook page:

Create a username on your Facebook page because Facebook will give your page a name identity by default which may not be relevant to your business outlook.

 By doing this when someone searches for, anyone can enter your page with your username, and it really helps Facebook to identify that this is the person and this business belongs to him. Thus, it helps FB to understand you better and to work with its algorithm.

6. Add a call-to-action button to your business page:

You will choose your business related action button. By applying this trick, creating a Call-to-action button on your page gives the user more customized outlook and one stop undistracted solution for his need.

 Suppose you are associated with a restaurant business, you can put a “book now” button there so that anyone can order food. Suppose you want to contact someone or to message you, then you will use the Contact Us or What’s Up button etc. to get the user involved with your business..

7. Add page tabs to promote your product or services:

You can add services and products by adding tabs on your page, when someone comes to your page they can directly see what products or services you provide in your business and if they find it useful then they can connect with you.

And if you have added a product, if someone has a choice, they can go to your website and buy it. This interlinking will really help you to built more business and to improve user experience.

8. Pin your Most important post:

Suppose you have posted something earlier. People have liked the content of your post. And you want to keep that post in the top, no matter what day it is, your post, must be visible always at the top section of your page.

So what to do for this?

You can see 3 dots in the top right corner of your post, click there, and then it will show after clicking “pin to top of page” option, just click that option, the post will automatically go to the top of the page.

9. Start posting image and videos:

Everyone knows how important role video marketing plays is these days. You can create and post videos about the content related to your products or services, customer experiences, feedback etc.

If people like your contents, video creation, then the popularity of your page will increase, and then it will directly affect your top line.

10. Enable Reviews:

Everyone knows how important reviews are these days. A Facebook business page with a decent of positive review will increase the trust of the people towards the business.

It will also help Facebook to recognize you as one of the top player of your segment and it will eventually attract more people by their algorithm.

There is no hard and fast or strict rule to follow for maximizing reach. The only way is keep yourself updated with new features of Facebook and using this for better output. So, these are the top 10 ways to increase your Facebook page reach without spending a penny.

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